10 Study Tips For Students Should Know

1. Find a place that is quiet and where you feel comfortable.

2. Switch off your mobile phone so that there is no hindrance in concentration.

3. Do not keep the stomach empty. Keep taking snacks and water from time to time. This can avoid stomach and headache.

4. Use an app on your computer or phone to track your study plan. Like - iCalender or Wunderlist

5. Write down important facts and figures in your notes and keep revising.

6. Turn your notes into flashcards to help you memorize words and concepts from scratch.

7. Do not study the same subject for a long time. Divide the time and study.

8. Schedule a weekly review of your notes.

9. Ask and answer the questions yourself to test yourself.

10. Write the studied text in a note book by yourself and see how true or false it is. correct the wrong.