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Top 5 Tips to Make Money With Google 2022 – How to earn money from Google Adsense

Hello guys, how are you? I hope you will be fun. If you are searching on Google – How to earn money from Google, How to earn money online, How to earn money from Google without investment, then you have come to the right blog because today I am going to give you information about “How to earn money from Google 2021, How to make money from home, How to earn money from Google without investment” that too in absolutely free and easy language, which will make your heart happy after reading it. Not only this, if you are from the village, can also be learned – Passive income in village, how to earn money from smartphone? How to make money online for beginners etc. Now definitely read this article from beginning to end, so let’s go ahead.

Top 5 Tips to Make Money With Google 2021 – How to earn money from Google Adsense.

Friends, by the way, there are countless ways to earn money online, out of which “10 Ways You Can Make Money Online Right Now” has already been told. But today I am going to learn you in this article “How to earn money from Google without investment” because Google company has many platforms where you can earn $1000 a month without spending a single rupee. Yes, you have read it right, if you work diligently and honestly, you can definitely earn more than $1000 a month and Google is a reliable company in terms of earning money from online internet. Let’s go over what are the ways to earn money from Google.

Friends, let’s understand one by one how to earn money from Google. Please read the entire article so that you can get complete information.

1. How To Make Money Blogging.

Blogger.com is a product of Google where you get a chance to earn money by creating your blog for free. Where you have to spend thousands of rupees to build a website, on the same blogger, Google offers you to create a blog for free and earn money. Here you can earn $100 to $200 per day by creating your blog. However, as your experience increases in blogging, money will also increase. You can create a blog on blogger.com very easily. You can also make money from home by creating a blog from mobile.

STEPS: How To Make Money Blogging.

  1. First of all make your blog on blogger.com.
  2. Select your blog’s domain.
  3. Use a good blog template.
  4. Make the blog setting well.
  5. Publish by writing Blog Post.
  6. Seo to rank post in google. [What is SEO?]
  7. Share/promote the post on social media.
  8. Approve the blog with google adsense.
  9. Place ads on Blog.
  10. Now you can start earning money from Google through your blog

2. How to earn money from YouTube.

Friends, with the arrival of 4G, the speed of internet has become much faster and smartphone is in everyone’s hands. Everybody’s smartphone has YouTube where people like to watch different kinds of videos. Whether it is news or entertainment videos or studies videos, all kinds of videos are being shared on YouTube and people are also watching in fun. Do you know that you can earn millions of rupees a month by uploading your videos too? Yes, you are reading right, you can also upload and make videos of your talent and earn money from YouTube. Creating and uploading channels on YouTube is absolutely free. You do not have to spend even one rupee. Only one YouTube channel is made. Whichever topic you have talent or information, you can make a video on that topic and upload it. You can also earn money by creating channels on YouTube.

STEPS: How to earn money from YouTube.

  1. First create your channel on Youtube.
  2. Keep a unique and short name.
  3. Apply Youtube channel art.
  4. Apply Youtube logo.
  5. Make a YouTube video and upload it.
  6. Use YouTube video custom thumbnail.
  7. Use the keyword in title, tag, description to make your video appear in Google and YouTube search.
  8. Share/promote the video on social media.
  9. Complete 1000 subscriber and 4000 hours watch time youtube video.
  10. Now connect your youtube channel to google adsense.
  11. When your youtube channel fulfills all the terms of monetization from Google, then your channel will be approved by Adsense and ads will start coming on the video. After which you will start earning money from youtube.

3. How to earn money from Google Adsense.

Adsense is one such program of Google from which we can make money through our blog/website/YouTube. Google Adsense is an advertising network. If you approve your blog/website/YouTube with Google Adsense and show it on your blog/website/YouTube, then Google Adsense gives you money in exchange. Google Adsense pays the most money to show ads. Therefore Google Adsense is a good platform to earn money. When you watch a TV channel, advertisements are shown in it. In the same way in the Internet world, advertisements are shown through online blogs, websites and YouTube. Ads are visible from Google Adsense. Due to which many people earn millions of rupees per month.

After your blog/website/YouTube is approved by Google Adsense, when someone will see your blog/website/YouTube videos, ads will be shown in it. If someone clicks on that advertisement, you get paid. Keep in mind that you do not have to click on any ads by yourself because doing so is against the rule of Google Adsense. Your account can be suspended.

STEPS : How to earn money from Google Adsense.

  1. First of all there should be an email id [How to create email id? Click here to learn]
  2. You must have a blog/website/YouTube channel of your own.
  3. After this create your google adsense account.
  4. Approve your blog/website/YouTube channel with Google adsense.
  5. When $100 is completed in Google adsense account, then money will be transferred to your bank account by Google. There is an option to add your bank account to Google Adsense account.

4. How to earn money from Google Adwords.

Google adword is one such tool. All ads shown by Google are from Google AdWords. Advertisers use this tool to advertise and grow their online business. Google AdWords is a keyword researching tool. With the help of which any person can increase his online business.

If you sell a product online or do Affiliate Marketing, then using Google AdWords, promotion gives results. To run ads on Google AdWords, you have to pay some money to Google.

STEPS: How to earn money from Google Adwords.

  1. First of all go to Google AdWords official website https://ads.google.com/.
  2. Create your acount for free.
  3. Select the keywords on which you want to run ads to sell your product.
  4. Run ads with the help of Google adwords. Which will increase your sell and earn more money than before. In this way, you can earn money from google by selling online product/increasing your business with the help of Google.

5. How to earn money from Google Play Store.

Friends, Google Play Store is a service where there are millions of different types of apps for Android Phone. All these apps are uploaded by us and people like you. By which millions of people are earning. You can also make money through this platform by creating your own apps. It is an online business that is growing day by day with the digital world.

Nowadays everyone has smartphones, which gives a lot of apps to see. There will be many apps in your mobile too. When you open many apps, you will get to see ads in it, which can also be from Google. This advertisement earns big bucks. You can also earn by creating your own apps.

AdMob is created by Google. To earn money from a blog/website/YouTube channel, as I mentioned earlier, one has to connect to Google Adsense, just like AdMob has to advertise to earn money from apps. Which gets money.

STEPS: How to earn money from Google Play Store.

  1. To make money from Apps, first create a unique idea.
  2. Create your own app and design it well.
  3. After creating Apps, put admob ads on it and Publish Apps in Google Play Store.
  4. Your apps are new now, no one goes about it, so to reach as many people as possible, share your app with social media and your friends. Promote your app through online ads.
  5. The more downloder of your apps, the more you will earn. In this way, you can earn money from Google by creating your own apps and uploading to google play store.

CONCLUSIONFriends, today I have told you 5 ways to earn money from Google, How to earn money online, How to earn money from Google Adsense. You can also earn by following what you like. I have written a detailed article about each topic, whose links have also been given. You can read it in detail by clicking on that link. Hope you liked this article how to earn money from google, How to make money from home. If there are any questions, then comment below and ask. Share with your friends and comment below and give your feedback. Thank you


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