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Earn Money $1000/Months From Youtube | How do you earn money from YouTube?

how do you earn money from youtube? Hello guys, How are you? Hope you are happy, If you are not happy, after reading this article completely, your heart will definitely be happy because your heart will be fulfilled. You have searched, ‘How do you earn money from YouTube?’ And today I am going to give complete information about how to earn money from YouTube. You must read this article till the end.

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How do you earn money from YouTube?

In today’s 4G world, everyone has smartphones in their hands and every smartphone has YouTube. Millions of people watch YouTube videos, videos for entertainment, movies, studies related videos, etc. on YouTube every day. You will also watch videos on YouTube. Do you know money can also be earned from YouTube. Yes, you can also earn $1000 – $2000 /month from YouTube . Not only can you earn, but you can also get fame. People of the world will recognize you by your name and face. There are crores of people who are earning thousands of Dollars from YouTube every month and whose name and identity are also made in the country & world. What to do whatever area you have talent in, you have to give it as a video and upload it to YouTube. In this article, today I will teach all the process on which YouTube how to create a channel? How to upload videos to youtube? How to make money from youtube? And so on. Only you study further.

how do you earn money from youtube
How do you earn money from YouTube

Friends, one thing to keep in mind, whatever I write in this article is absolutely free. create youtube channel and uploading videos on YouTube is absolutely free. In such a way “How do you earn money from YouTube?” But I have already written the article. It is a kind of online business, from which you can earn money even from home. First we will learn what is YouTube? How does work youtube? Knowing this will help you earn money from YouTube.

What is youtube?

Youtube is a video sharing free service from Google. On this platform, anyone in the world can upload videos without spending a money. YouTube being a Google service, like other services of Google, every smartphone has YouTube and nowadays everyone has smartphones in their hands, so videos uploaded to YouTube are more likely to be viral than other Internet platforms. To upload videos to YouTube, you need to create a YouTube channel. Which further in this article, click here for “create a youtube channel”. Now we understand, “How does work YouTube?”

How to Make MONEY on YOUTUBE in 2022 

How do work youtube?

YouTube is the second largest video search engine after Google. Millions of people search videos every day on this search engine. You have to use keywords related to your video in the Tittle, Tag and Description of the video for the top in YouTube search engine and Google search.

By the way, you automatically promote YouTube videos. When you watch the video, many related videos are also seen below, which are promoted by YouTube. But if you use keywords in Tittle, Tag and Description then you will get better result because what the videos are about, youtube is easy to understand.

There should be more subscriber to get more views on YouTube videos. The more subscriber on your channel, the more views will come. So that you will earn more from YouTube. So every video has to be spoken at the beginning and at the end to subscribe your channel. As money subscribe and video increases, your money earning will increase.

How To Create YouTube channel and upload videos

How do I start working on YouTube?

  • To earn money from YouTube, first you need to create Youtube Channel.
  • To create Youtube Channel you will need a Gmail Account. With the help of which Youtube Channel will be created. How to create a Gmail Account?
  • Think of a unique and short name for your Youtube Channel. Keep the name so that everyone can remember it easily.
  • Create a Channel Art and Logo to make your Youtube Channel professional. The size of Youtube Channel Art is 2560×1440px and the size of Youtube Logo is 800x800px.
  • Create an Intro Video for your YouTube Channel. All of which added to the beginning of the video or after speaking something.
  • Upload your own video on your YouTube Channel. Which is just your copyright. Otherwise, copyright Strick can come on Youtube Channel and the channel can also be suspended.
  • After uploading the video, share social media like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Pinterest, Telegram, LinkedIn etc. to go viral.
  • Be sure to subscribe to YouTube channel at the beginning and end of every video.
  • The quality and contain of your video should not be compromised. Contain of the video should be such that people watch the entire video.

As the video People of your Youtube Channel will start to like, the views and Youtube Channel Subscriber on the video will increase and your earnings from Youtube will increase.

How to create a YouTube channel and make money Step By Step Guide for Beginners

Ways to make money from youtube

How to make money from youtube? Online Earn money at home Top idees – There are many ways to earn money from Youtube Channel. But I am going to tell you the easiest way. The biggest Youtubers earn thousands of dollar a month from these Tariqs.

Google Adsense

To earn money from Youtube, you will have to monetize Youtube Channel with Google Adsense.

  • To monetize your YouTube channel by Google Adsense, enable monetization of your YouTube channel by going to the setting of a YouTube channel.
  • After enabling monetization of your YouTube channel, you have to create a Google Adsense using Gmail Account and link YouTube channel.
  • According to YouTube policy, when 1000 Subscriber and 4000 hour video watch time will be completed on your YouTube channel, then monetization will be on.
  • After the monetization of your YouTube channel, an advertisement will be shown on your video, which will earn you money.

The more views increase, the more earnings will be made. Money earned from Youtube Channel will come in your Google Adsense Account. From there will come to your bank account. There is an option to add a bank account to Google Adsense Account.

Affiliate Marketing

Friends, an affiliate marketing is a great option to earn money with Google Adsense or in addition to Youtube Channel. To make money from youtube through Affiliate Marketing, you have to provide a link to an online similar selling company in the description of your YouTube channel. If a person clicks on the link given in the description and makes the same or any other similar purchase, you get a commission.
Online Earn money at home Top idea

  • To earn money from Affiliate Marketing on Youtube, first of all you have to join the Affiliate Program of any company selling online products like amazon, flipkart, sanpdeal, clickbank etc.
  • After joining the Affiliate Program, generate the Affiliate link of the product you want to promote.
  • Now promote that item by telling the people on your YouTube channel and give the link description box for that product. Affiliate remains in the description box of almost every major youtuber.

As I mentioned above, if someone clicks on your affiliate link and buys that product or any other product, then you will get commission.


Friends, in addition to Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing on Youtube, you can also earn money from Sponsorship. For this, your channel should be popular. Your videos will definitely be popular when you add videos that are good. When Youtube channel becomes popular, it gets sponsorship, which makes good money. There should be at least 5000 subscriber to get sponsorship on Youtube Channel, after that you can apply one for sponsorship.

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