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Domain Abbreviations List Pdf, Top Level domains, Full Form, Acronyms

List of Internet Top Level Domains | Domain Domain Names Abbreviations | Domain Extensions List | Domain Name Acronyms And Terms | Domain Full Form | Domain Acronym | Domain Name Full Form | Domain Name Acronyms

Do you want to know Domain Abbreviations List Pdf, What are domain abbreviations?, List of Internet top level domains So you are reading the right article becausehere in the A to Z Full Form Series we are going to tell you 260+ full forms related to the Domains name, so read the complete article and increase your general knowledge. The full form related to the Domains name is given below. Before reading the full form, if you want, you can also read some information related to the Domains name.

What is Domain Name?

A space name is a recognizable proof string that characterizes the extent of managerial independence, authority, or control inside the Internet. Space names are utilized in an assortment of systems administration settings and for application-explicit naming and tending to purposes. As a rule, a space name distinguishes an organization space, or it addresses an Internet Protocol (IP) asset, for example, a PC used to get to the Internet, to have a Web webpage. A server PC, or the Web website itself, or some other help conveyed through the Internet. In 2017, 330.6 million space names were registered.

Space names are shaped by the standards and techniques of the Domain Name System (DNS). Any name enrolled in DNS is a space name. Space names are coordinated into subordinate levels (sub-spaces) of the DNS root area, which is anonymous. The first-level arrangement of space names are high level areas (TLDs), which incorporate nonexclusive high level areas (gTLDs, for example, the significant spaces com, data, net, edu and organization, and nation code high level areas ( CcTLDs). Underneath these high level spaces in the DNS pecking order are second-level and third-level area names, which are typically open for reservation by end-clients who wish to associate neighborhood to the Internet, others freely accessible. Make or run open Internet assets from

There are many full forms in the Domains name about which we are discussing in the article today.

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domain name full form

A To Z Full Form

Click on the alphabet to view abbreviation starts with selected alphabet.

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Domains Abbreviations List Pdf Download

List of Top Level Domains

Below is the list of top level Domains.
.com commercial
.gov   government
.net network
.org organization
.int international organizations
.edu education
.mil U.S. military
.arpa Address and Routing Parameter Area

Below is the list of Domain extensions list.

.ac  Ascension Island
.ad  Andorra
.ae  United Arab Emirates
.af  Afghanistan
.ag  Antigua and Barbuda
.ai  Anguilla
.al  Albania
.am  Armenia
.an  Netherlands Antilles
.ao  Angola
.aq  Antarctica
.ar  Argentina
.as  American Samoa (United States)
.at  Austria
.au  Australia
.aw  Aruba (Kingdom of the Netherlands)
.ax  Aland (Finland)
.az  Azerbaijan
.ba  Bosnia and Herzegovina
.bb  Barbados
.bd  Bangladesh
.be  Belgium
.bf  Burkina Faso
.bg  Bulgaria
.bh  Bahrain
.bi  Burundi
.bj  Benin
.bl  Saint Barthelemy (France)
.bm  Bermuda
.bn  Brunei
.bo  Bolivia
.bq  Bonaire
.br  Brazil
.bs  Bahamas
.bt  Bhutan
.bv  Bouvet Island
.bw  Botswana
.by  Belarus
.bz  Belize
.ca  Canada
.cc  Cocos (Keeling) Islands (Australia)
.cd  Democratic Republic of the Congo
.cf  Central African Republic
.cg  Republic of the Congo
.ch   Switzerland
.ci  Ivory Coast 
.ck  Cook Islands
.cl  Chile
.cm  Cameroon
.cn  People’s Republic of China
.cr  Costa Rica
.cu  Cuba
.cv  Cape Verde
.cw  Curaçao (Kingdom of the Netherlands)
.cx  Christmas Island
.cy  Cyprus
.cz  Czech Republic
.de  Germany
.dj  Djibouti
.dk  Denmark
.dm  Dominica
.do  Dominican Republic
.dz  Algeria
.ec  Ecuador
.ee  Estonia
.eg  Egypt
.eh  Western Sahara
.er  Eritrea
.es  Spain
.et  Ethiopia
.eu  European Union
.fi  Finland
.fj  Fiji
.fk  Falkland Islands
.fm  Federated States of Micronesia
.fo  Faroe Islands (Kingdom of Denmark)
.fr  France
.ga  Gabon
.gb  United Kingdom
.gd  Grenada
.ge  Georgia
.gf  French Guiana (France)
.gg  Guernsey (United Kingdom)
.gh  Ghana
.gi  Gibraltar (United Kingdom)
.gl  Greenland (Kingdom of Denmark)
.gm  The Gambia
.gn  Guinea
.gp  Guadeloupe (France)
.gq  Equatorial Guinea
.gr  Greece
.gs  South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
.gt  Guatemala
.gu  Guam (United States)
.gw  Guinea-Bissau
.gy  Guyana
.hk  Hong Kong
.hm  Heard Island and McDonald Islands
.hn  Honduras
.hr  Croatia
.ht  Haiti
.hu  Hungary
.id  Indonesia
.ie  Ireland
.il  Israel
.im  Isle of Man (United Kingdom)
.in  India
.io  British Indian Ocean Territory
.iq  Iraq
.ir  Iran
.is  Iceland
.it  Italy
.je  Jersey (United Kingdom)
.jm  Jamaica
.jo  Jordan
.jp  Japan
.ke  Kenya
.kg  Kyrgyzstan
.kh  Cambodia
.ki  Kiribati
.km  Comoros
.kn  Saint Kitts and Nevis
.kp  North Korea
.kr  South Korea
.kw  Kuwait
.ky  Cayman Islands
.kz  Kazakhstan
.la  Laos
.lb  Lebanon
.lc  Saint Lucia
.li  Liechtenstein
.lk  Sri Lanka
.lr  Liberia
.ls  Lesotho
.lt  Lithuania
.lu  Luxembourg
.lv  Latvia
.ly  Libya
.ma  Morocco
.mc  Monaco
.md  Moldova
.me  Montenegro
.mf  Collectivity of Saint Martin (France)
.mg  Madagascar
.mh  Marshall Islands
.mk  North Macedonia
.ml  Mali
.mm  Myanmar
.mn  Mongolia
.mo  Macau Macao
.mp  Northern Mariana Islands (United States)
.mq  Martinique (France)
.mr  Mauritania
.ms  Montserrat
.mt  Malta
.mu  Mauritius
.mv  Maldives
.mw  Malawi
.mx  Mexico
.my  Malaysia
.mz  Mozambique
.na  Namibia
.nc  New Caledonia (France)
.ne  Niger
.nf  Norfolk Island
.ng  Nigeria
.ni  Nicaragua
.nl  Netherlands
.no  Norway
.np    Nepal
.nr  Nauru
.nu  Niue
.nz  New Zealand
.om  Oman
.pa  Panama
.pe  Peru
.pf  French Polynesia (France)
.pg  Papua New Guinea
.ph  Philippines
.pk  Pakistan
.pl  Poland
.pm  Saint-Pierre and Miquelon (France)
.pn  Pitcairn Islands
.pr  Puerto Rico (United States)
.ps  Palestine
.pt  Portugal
.pw  Palau Pelew
.py  Paraguay
.qa  Qatar
.re  Reunion (France)
.ro  Romania
.rs  Serbia
.ru  Russia
.rw  Rwanda
.sa  Saudi Arabia
.sb  Solomon Islands
.sc  Seychelles
.sd  Sudan
.se  Sweden
.sg  Singapore
.sh  Saint Helena
.si  Slovenia
.sj  Svalbard and Jan Mayen
.sk  Slovakia
.sl  Sierra Leone
.sm  San Marino
.sn  Senegal
.so  Somalia
.sr  Suriname
.ss  South Sudan
.st  Sao Tome and Principe
.su  Soviet Union
.sv  El Salvador
.sx  Sint Maarten
.sy  Syria
.sz  Eswatini
.tc  Turks and Caicos Islands
.td  Chad
.tf  French Southern and Antarctic Lands
.tg  Togo
.th  Thailand
.tj  Tajikistan
.tk  Tokelau
.tl  East Timor
.tm  Turkmenistan
.tn  Tunisia
.to  Tonga
.tp  East Timor
.tr  Turkey
.tt  Trinidad and Tobago
.tv  Tuvalu
.tw  Taiwan
.tz  Tanzania
.ua  Ukraine
.ug  Uganda
.uk  United Kingdom
.us  United States of America
.uy  Uruguay
.uz  Uzbekistan
.va   Vatican City
.vc  Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
.ve  Venezuela
.vg  British Virgin Islands
.vi  United States Virgin Islands (United States)
.vn  Vietnam
.vu  Vanuatu
.wf  Wallis and Futuna
.ws  Samoa   Western Samoa
.xk  Kosovo
.ye  Yemen
.yt  Mayotte
.za  South Africa
.zm  Zambia
.zw  Zimbabwe

A To Z Full Form

Click on the alphabet to view abbreviation starts with selected alphabet.

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 0-9

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What are domain abbreviations?

The domain abbreviations are Distributed Operating Multi Access Interactive Network.

What are the 7 types of domain?

The 7 types of top level domains are .com (commercial), .gov (government), .net (network), .org (organization), .int (international organizations), .edu (education), .mil (U.S. military)

What does .com stand for?

.com stand for? commercial. This is an open TLD; any individual or substance is allowed to enroll.

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