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250+ Automobile Abbreviations List Pdf

Do you want to know Automobile Abbreviations List Pdf? What automobile means? What is automobile and types, Acronym, Abbreviation, Shorthand. So you are reading the right article because here in the A to Z Full Form Series we are going to tell you 250+ full forms related to the automobile industry, so read the complete article and increase your general knowledge. The full form related to the automobile industry is given below. Before reading the full form, if you want, you can also read some information related to the automobile industry.

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What Automobile means?

Automobile means car, motor vehicle, motorcar, etc. A wheeled vehicle, which is used for the transport of passengers; And who also picks up his own engine or motor. Motor vehicles, by most definitions of the term, are primarily intended for use on roads, carrying one to eight people, usually with four wheels, constructed primarily for the transport of people disregarding goods. goes.

The term motorcar, in the context of an electrified rail system, refers to a car that, in addition to being a small locomotive, has space for people and goods. These locomotive cars are used on suburban routes in intercity rail systems.

What is automobile and types?

The automotive industry comprises a wide range of companies and organizations involved in the design, development, manufacture, marketing and sale of motor vehicles. It is one of the largest industries in the world by revenue. It is also the industry that spends the most on research and development.

There are many types of vehicle in automotive industry example Two-wheeler vehicle (Like Scooter, motorcycle etc), Three-wheeler vehicles (Autorickshaw, tempo, etc). Four-wheeler vehicle ( Like Car, jeep, trucks, buses, etc), Six-wheeler vehicles (Like Big trucks with two gear axles etc), Petrol vehicle (Like motorcycle, Scooter, cars etc), Diesel vehicles (Like trucks, buses etc), Steam vehicle (Like engine which uses steam engine), Gas vehicle (LPG and CNG vehicles) etc.

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Automobile Abbreviations

There are many full forms in the automobile industry (car, motor vehicle, motorcar, etc) about which we are discussing in the article today.

A To Z Full Form

Automobile Abbreviations List Pdf

AcronymFull Form
2WDTwo Wheel Drive
42V ISG42-volt integrated starter-generator system
A44-speed automatic transmission
A55-speed automatic transmission
A66-speed automatic transmission
AALAAmerican Automobile Labelling Act
AATAmbient Air Temperature
ABARSAutomobile Backward Automatic Ranging System
ABCAccelerator Brake and Clutch. Active Body Control, Atanasoff Berry Computer
ABSAnti lock Braking System
ACCSAir Conditioning Cycling Switch
ACDAir Conditioning Demand, Automatic Call Distributor
ACEActive Cornering Enhancement
ACMAdaptive Coding and Modulation, Airbag Control Module
ACPAdditional Commissioner of Police or Assistant Commissioner of Police, Air Conditioning Pressure
ADASAdvanced Driver Assistance System
ADBAdaptive Driving Beam, Asian Development Bank, Aide De Camp, Analog to Digital Converter, Automatic Distance Control
ADGAccommodated Device Gateway
ADLAutomatic Door Lock
ADSAuxiliary Discriminating Sensor
ADUAutonomous Driving Unit
AdvHEVHybrid vehicle
AECMAirbag Electronic Control Module
AFCDAdvanced Frontal Crash Dummy
AFCMAlternate Fuel Control Module
AFECMAlternate Fuel Engine Control Module
AFLAdaptive Front Light
AFOAlternate Fuel Operation
AFRAir Fuel Ratio
AGVSAutomated Guided Vehicle System
AHCAutomatic height controller
AHLDAutomatic Headlamp Levelling Device
AHSActive Handling System
AIMAutomotive Interior Material
AIRAir Injection Reaction, Assumed Interest Rate
AISAlarm Indication Signal, All India Services, Automatic Idle Speed
ALRAutomatic Locking Retractor, Locking Retractor
AMMAir Mass Meter
AMTAutomated Manual Transmission
APOAccessory Power Outlets
APPApplication. Accelerator Pedal Position
APTAdjustable part Throttle
ARAIAutomotive Research Association of India
ASAAutomatic Slack Adjuster
ASARCAir Suspension Automatic Ride Control
ASGAutomatic Shift Gearbox
ASTCAutomatic Stability and Traction Control
ATCAlarm Traffic Controller, Automatic Temperature Control
ATLSAutomated Truck Loading Systems
ATVAll Terrain Vehicle
AutogasLPG when used as a vehicle fuel
AWDAll Wheel Drive
BCMBody Control Module, Brake Control Module
BHPBrake Horse Power
BMEPBrake Mean Effective Pressure
BSFCBrake Specific Fuel Consumption
CAB 1493California Assembly Bill 1493
CAMMComputer Aided Manufacturing Measurement
CAMSComputerized Automotive Maintenance System
CARBCalifornia Air Resources Board
CCOConverter Clutch Override
CCOTCycling Clutch Orifice Tube
CCPClimate Control Panel
CDICapacitor Discharge Ignition
CFIContinuous Fuel Injection, Cross Fire Injection, Cycling Federation of India
CI. EngCompression Ignition Engine
CMFICentral Multi port Fuel Injection
CNGCompressed Natural Gas
CO2Carbon dioxide
CPFICentral Port Fuel Injection
CRDECommon Rail Diesel Engine
CRDICommon Rail Direct Injection
CRFICommon Rail Fuel Injection
CSFICentral Sequential Fuel Injection
CVNCalibration Verification Number
CVTContinuously Variable Transmission
CVTICharged motion Variable Time Ignition
CVVLContinuous variable valve lift
CWSContinental Wheel System
DDISDiesel Direct Injection System
DDSData Dissemination Standards, Deflection Detection System, Digital Data Storage, Doctor of Dental Surgery
DeActCylinder deactivation
DFIDigital Fuel Injection
DGIDirect Gasoline Injection
dHCCIDiesel homogeneous charge compression ignition
DI.ENGDirect Injection Engine
DMVDepartment of Motor Vehicles
DOHCDouble Over Head Camshaft
DRLDaytime Running Lights
DSCDistinguished Service Cross, Dynamic Stability Control
DSCCDistance Sensing Cruise Control
DTSIDigital Twin Spark Ignition
DVVLDiscrete variable valve lift
DVVLdDiscrete variable valve lift, includes dual cam phasing
DVVLiDiscrete variable valve lift, includes intake valve cam phasing
eACCImproved electric accessories
EATElectronically assisted turbocharging
EATCElectronic Automatic Temperature Control
EBCElectronic Brake Control
EBDElectronic Brakeforce Distribution
EC.EngExternal Combustion Engine
ECCElectronic Climate Control, ERP Central Component, European Cricket Council, Excise Control Code
ECUEngine Control Unit
EFIElectronic Fuel Injection
EGRExhaust Gas Recirculation
EHBElectro Hydraulic Brake
EHCUElectronic Hydraulic Control Unit
ehCVAElectrohydraulic camless valve actuation
EHOCElectrically Heated Oxidation Catalyst
EHPSElectro Hydraulic Power Steering
emCVAElectromagnetic camless valve actuation
EMFACARB emission factors modeling software (EMFAC2007 v.2.3 November 1, 2006)
EOPEngine Oil Pressure
EOTEnd of Transmission, Engine Oil Temperature
EPBElectronic Parking Brake
EPHSElectrically Powered Hydraulic Steering
EPRExhaust Pressure Regulator
EPSEarnings per Share, Electric Power Steering, Encapsulated Post Script
ESCElectronic Stability Control, Embedded Signaling Channel
ESCMEnergy Storage Control Module
EVOElectronic Variable Orifice
EVRVElectronic Vacuum Regulator Valve
EWPElectric water pump
FDEFord Duratorq Engine
FGTFixed Geometry Turbocharger
FHPFrictional Horse Power
FIPLFuel Injection Pump Lever
FPIFins Per Inch, Foreign Portfolio Investment
FPMFederal Party of Manipur, Fuel Pump Monitor
FPRCFuel Pressure Regulator Circuit
FTPFile Transfer Protocol, Fuel Tank Pressure
g/migrams per mile
GDIGasoline Direct Injection, Graphics Device Interface
GDI-LLean-burn gasoline direct injection
GDI-SStoichiometric gasoline direct injection
gHCCIGasoline homogeneous charge compression ignition
GHGGreenhouse gas
GTGran/Grand turismo
GTIGrand Tourer Injection
GVWGross Vehicle Weight
GVWRGross vehicle weight rating
GWPGlobal Warming Potential
HADHighly Autonomous Driving
HCCIHomogeneous Charge Compression Ignition
HCMHeating Control Module, Hybrid Control Module, Hybrid Control Unit
HCUHydraulic Control Unit
HCVHeavy Commercial Vehicle
HEPSHydraulic Electric Power Steering
HEVHybrid Electric Vehicle
HMMWVHigh Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle
HPHewlett Packard, Horse Power
HPDIHigh Pressure Direct Injection
HSDIHigh-speed (diesel) direct injection
HVACHeating Ventilation and Air Conditioning
HVIHigh Viscosity Index
ICEImmigration and Customs Enforcement, In Case of Emergency, In Circuit Emulator, Instrumentation and Control Engineering
ICMIgnition Control Module
ICPInjection Control Pressure, Internet Cache Protocol
IHPIndicated Horse Power
IMEPIndicated Mean Effective Pressure
ImpAltImproved efficiency alternator
ISFCIndicated Specific Fuel Consumption
ISGIntegrated Starter Generator, Intelligent Services Gateway (Cisco)
ISG-SSIntegrated starter-generator system with start-stop operation
IVCSIntegrated Vehicle Control System
IVSCIntegrated Vehicle Speed Control
JCBJoseph Cyril Bamford
KPHKilometer Per Hour
KPLKilometer Per Liter
L4In-line four-cylinder
LCVLight Commercial Vehicle
LDTLight-duty truck
LDT1a light-duty truck with a loaded vehicle weight of up to 3750 pounds.
LDT2an LEV II light-duty truck with a loaded vehicle weight of 3751 pounds to a gross vehicle weight of 8500 pounds
LEVLow Emission Vehicle
LNGLiquid Natural Gas, Long
LPGLiquefied Petroleum Gas
LVWLoaded vehicle weight
MDPVMedium-duty passenger vehicle
MDVMedium-duty vehicle
mg/miMilligrams per mile
ModHEVModerate hybrid
MPFIMulti Point Fuel Injection
MRFMadras Rubber Factory
MUVMulti Utility Vehicle
MVSSMotor Vehicle Safety Standards
N2ONitrous oxide
NGVNatural Gas Vehicle
NHTSANational Highway Traffic Safety Administration
NMOGNon Methane Organic Gas
NOxOxides of nitrogen
NTMVSANational Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act
NVLDNatural Vacuum Leak Detection
OHVOver Head Valve
ORCOxidation Reduction Converter
PCMPlease Call Me, Powertrain Control Module, Pulse Code Modulation, Physics Chemistry Mathematics
PUCPollution Under Control, Pollution Under Control, Pre University Course & Personal Unlock Code, Pre University Course
R-134aRefrigerant 134a, tetrafluoroethane (C2H2F4)
R-152aRefrigerant 152a, difluoroethane (C2H4F2)
RABSRear Antilock Brake System
RPERetail price equivalent
RPMRed Hat Package Manager, Revolutions Per Minute
RTORegional Transport Office, Regional Transport Officer, Road Transport Office
RTRRacing Throttle Response
RWDRear Wheel Drive
SAESociety of Automotive Engineers
SFCSecurities And Futures Commission, Specific Fuel Consumption, State Finance Corporation, System File Checker
SI. EngSpark Ignition Engine
SIAMSociety of Indian Automobile Manufacturers
SMCCStepper Motor Cruise Control
SOHCSingle Over Head Camshaft
SRSStimulated Raman Scattering, Supplemental Restraint System
SULEVSuper Ultra Low Emission Vehicle
SUVSport Utility Vehicle
TACMThrottle Actuator Control Module
TBIThrottle Body Injection
TCTake Care, Traction Control, Transfer Certificate
TDCITurbo Diesel Commonrail injection
TDITurbocharged Direct Injection
TRRTire Rolling Resistance
TSITime Slot Interchange, Turbocharged Stratified Injection
TVSThirukkurungudi Vengaram Sundram
UAVAn Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
ULEVUltra Low Emission Vehicle
V6Vee-formation six-cylinder
V8V-formation eight-cylinder
VACSVehicle Access Control System
VATSVehicle AntiTheft System
VCUVehicle Control Unit
VDBVentilated Disc Brake
VDCVariable Displacement Compressor, Video Display Controller, Volts Direct Current
VDCSVehicle Dynamics Control System
VECIVehicle Emission Control Information
VGTVariable Geometry Turbocharger
VINVehicle Identification Number
VNTVariable Nozzle Turbine
VRLAValve Regulated Lead Acid
VSCVehicle Stability Control
VSESVehicle Stability Enhancement System
VSSVehicle Speed Sensor
VSVVacuum Solenoid Valve
VTVTVariable Timing Valve Train
VVTVariable Valve Timing
VVTIVariable Valve Timing with Intelligence
WGTWaste Gas Turbocharger
xVDSExtended Vehicle Diagnostic System
ZEVZero Emission Vehicle

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