Best 10 Passive Way How to Make Money While You Sleep - 2021

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How to make money online for beginners, How to make money from home, How do I make an extra $1000 a month
How to Make Money -2021

Best 10 Passive Way How to Make Money While You Sleep - 2021

Hello friends, Some important questions are - How can I make money right now? How do I make an extra $1000 a month? How can I make $100 a day? How can I get money from Internet? Real ways to make money from home.

Is it really conceivable to bring in money without working? Totally yes! 

How would I know it's conceivable? 

Indeed, I make more money while I "rest" than numerous individuals make by working 40 hours per week. So how could I do it and how might you begin making automated revenue among now and the following a year? Before I share with you 10 easy revenue thoughts you can use to bring in cash, let me put a solid disclaimer here; You see, bringing in cash on automated revenue resembles driving a vehicle, when you're simply figuring out how to drive, you'll need to utilize all your mental aptitude to focus, you'll commit a great deal of errors and you may even get include in hardly any minor mishaps. [How to make money online for beginnersHow to make money online for free]

You'll simply have the option to drive a vehicle absent a lot of endeavors or outright fixation, just on the off chance that you are eager to forfeit a little while or months to commit those vital errors and improve. Something very similar occurs with automated revenue. Some easy revenue open doors necessitate that you go through a while getting the hang of, committing errors and working, before you would now be able to unwind and bring in cash while dozing. On the off chance that you can't traverse this learning and attempting face, this video will be of no assistance to you. In case you're still here, let me share with you 10 automated revenue thoughts you can test. [How to make money as a teenager? How to make money from home?]

1. Invest in an Existing Business.

On March first, 2017 a companion of mine put about $10,000 in one of my organizations. Our terms is that I planned to pay him $3,000 consistently for the following 7 years and I'll be giving him his $10,000 venture back after the seventh years. This individual doesn't do any single thing in my business yet he will make $3,000 consistently for the following 7 years. 

While you may imagine that $3,000 isn't a great deal of cash, consider the way that you don't work for it and you can have products of such streams. Presently, I'm not promising you that each business person out there will give you such a mount watering profit on the grounds that my business is having high net revenue and that is the reason I could part with a ton to pay off a speculators, yet there's conceivable outcomes out there on the off chance that you can get together with certain business visionaries who understand what they are doing yet don't have cash, you can put resources into their business and get a rate or great premium. This way you can bring in cash without working. [Can I make $100 a day online? How can I make fast money online? How can I make $1000 fast?]

2. Write a book

How about we Suppose, I distribute my first book in the year 2013. Till today that book is as yet making me cash each month. I don't need to revamp the book or accomplish any month to month work, yet I bring in cash from it. 

Do I imply that everybody can compose a book? Answer - No! 

Not every person can compose a book but rather in the event that you want to compose a book, feel free to do as such. Likewise figure out how to sell your book and conceivably robotize some selling measures. In the event that you can't compose a book, you can do different things suggested in this article. 

Let’s continue

3. Buy and Sell Domain Names

You understand what area names are, correct? They are,, 

Presently, do you realize that a few people simply purchase majority of area names at $10 each, keep them and hit the hay, just to sell those space names for many thousands and even large number of dollars later? Indeed, I would not joke about this. was sold for $3 million in June, 2009, was sold for $4.8 million in the year 2014. 

Peruse to this. was sold for wooping $49.7 million in the year 2010. As I said before, it generally require significant investment and learning before you can dominate anything so you will be unable to purchase an area tomorrow and sell it for 1,000,000 dollars one year from now. 

Truth be told, you may never get enough karma to actually sell an area for 1,000,000 dollars, yet imagine a scenario in which you're ready to sell a space you purchased for $10 at $50,000 dollars or something to that effect and you sell one of such every year. [How to make money online for free? How to make money online for beginners? How to make money from home?]

4. Crowdfunded Real Estate

Land for quite a long time has consistently been for the rich yet that is evolving now. Individuals are presently crowdfunding land which basically implies that hundreds or even great many individuals arrange their monetary assets to secure land properties at that point make automated revenue from lease or rent. In case you're keen on this, go to Google and research further. On the off chance that you want to, you can! 

5. Start a blog

An successful blogger said - I began my first blog around 2013. It fizzled, I cried and overlooked it. 

In the year 2014 I got motivation from a companion to begin another blog. I did and buckled down on it for around one year and relinquished it. No. not your opinion. I didn't desert the blog. I essentially got occupied with not many different organizations and think about what, despite the fact that I've not composed a solitary blog entry over the most recent one year, my blog actually makes me cash. 

That is to say, regardless of whether it's 100 dollars consistently, bringing in cash while you don't do anything accompanies brilliant inclination. In this way, in the event that you think you have a message to speak with the world, you can lay your hands on contributing to a blog, buckle down for the main year or somewhere in the vicinity and whenever progressed nicely, you can keep making automated revenue for quite a long time to come.

Also Read It:-

6. License Your Photos

Do you realize you can bring in cash from your own photographs, insane, right? There is a site call What they do is, acknowledge the accommodation of your photographs, if your photographs are endorsed, you'll make sovereignty on them at whatever point anybody purchases any of them. 

Envision selling a solitary bit of your image for 100 times each year and making eminence over and over from such? 

7. Affiliate Marketing

I truly have never attempted associate promoting in light of the fact that I'm an egotistical goat. i know individuals who rake in boatloads of cash from member advertising, selling others' items, but since I love to sell my own items, so I focus exclusively on selling my own stuff. 

You don't need to be me. On the off chance that you have a sensible web-based media or internet following, you can showcase other organizations' items to them. These organizations pay you commission for giving them clients and you can make this commission on a detached level. 

8. Use one of your cars for Uber

We're living during a time where broke individuals utilize rich vehicles. You have two vehicles and need some additional money? Get one out for Uber. I don't have the foggiest idea how Uber works in your nation however in my nation, you can drop your vehicle for Uber, they will utilize a driver on your act and you'll bring in cash from your vehicle. You can likewise utilize a driver all alone for your vehicle, use it for Uber and you bring in some cash along the line. 

9. Rent out a Room in Your House

Airbnb works similarly as Uber for your additional rooms. You have a couple of additional rooms nobody is utilizing? Join Airbnb and get individuals to remain in your rooms while they pay you for it. 

10. Create YouTube Videos

A Successful youtuber said - In the year 2014, I made a YouTube channel and just dropped 3 imprudently made recordings and overlooked it. About a year later, I saw that individuals were viewing those recordings yet I actually didn't focus on the channel until one day when I Googled to know the most well known sites in my nation and I discovered YouTube in Number 3, soon after google. This disclosure stunned me and I began thinking; if a large number of individuals could be going to YouTube consistently, there should be the means by which to bring in cash there. [Make money online with Google. Make money fast today. Creative ways to make money. How to make money from home]

Today I bring in cash from YouTube twoly. To begin with, I made a few recordings about the results of my organization. As at today, those recordings produce around 500 perspectives consistently and my business get calls each day and we offer to a portion of those lead. Selling your items from a video you have made a while back is a marvel. 

Also, obviously, you can make advertisement cash from your video sees. Like all the other things in this video, it resembles needing to drive a vehicle. You should be happy to spend numerous many months to learn and commit errors before you can drive effectively and absent a lot of awareness. 

Would you be able to bring in cash without work? Truly. 

Will a great many people do it? Indeed. 

Will a great many people do it? No. 

Yet, why? 

All things considered, a great many people of the world basic would prefer not to make penances on anything. They will rather burn through for their entire lives on the positions they disdain than to forfeit a year to learn and commit errors on anything. I wish you're not one of them! 

Thank you kindly for perusing this article & share it on social media like facebook, whatsapp, twitter and pinterest etc. I hope you understand that How can I make money right now?How do I make an extra $1000 a month? How can I make $100 a day? How can I get money from Internet? Real ways to make money from home.
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How to Create a Free Blog on Blogspot and Make Money $1000 a month - 2021 - A Step by Step Guide

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How can I make an extra $1000 a month? How to earn money online without investment, How to earn money online in usa
Create a Free Blog

How to Create a Free Blog on Blogspot? How to create a blog for free and make money? How can I make an extra $1000 a month? Hello friends, Nowadays everyone wants to earn money online. If you also want to earn money by create a blog for free, then it is a good thing. What is blog? What is blogging? How to make money from blog? The answer to all these questions I have explained very well in the previous article. After reading this article, definitely read it so that you do not have any further problems. To read the article click here.

Friends, in this article I will teach you, how to make a blog on Blogger for free? How to earn money online without investment? How to start a blog from your phone?

There are many blogging platforms on the Internet where you can create your blog for free. My advice would be if you want to earn a lot of money then spend some money buying your domain name and web hosting and blogging on Best hosting website click here.

But if you do not have money, at least buy your domain name and blogging and create your own identity. If you do not want to spend money at all, then you can blogging by creating a blog with subdomain absolutely free without purchasing domain name and hosting.

Friends, the best platforms to create blogs for free are - and But there is no way to install Google Adsense code in wordpress and not get approval of Google Adsense. While the blogger has the option of applying Google Adsense code and approval is also available. Therefore blogger will be the best platform to earn money online by creating a blog for free. So in this article, I will explain the process of creating a blog on Blogger for free.

Before making a blog for free on Blogger / Blogspot, you should know a few things.

  • Blogger and Blogspot are the same. If you visit then it will be redirect to automatically. The blog that is created on Blogger.Com has subdomain with Such as:
  • Blogger/BlogSpot is a blogging platform run by Google. BlogSpot gives you the opportunity that you can create a blog for free. Images used in BlogSpot are hosted on Picasa. Picasa is also a part of Google.
How to Create a free Website on BlogSpot? How to create a blog for free and make money? How can I make an extra $1000 a month? How to earn money online without investment?

Step by Step Guide to Create Free Blog on BlogSpot.

Step: -1. To create a free blog on Blogger / BlogSpot, first you have to visit in your browser.

Step: -2. When you come to the homepage of, click on Sign In. Then login with your gmail acount there.

Step: -3. After login on, you will see the option of "new blog" at one place there. You have to click on "new blog".

Step:- 4. After clicking on the new blog another popup page will open and in that page you will get to write "Choose a name for your blog". Write Tittle of your blog there. Like "UzabNet Knowledge Of Internet". You have to write the title of your blog according to the topic of your blog. Write the title of your blog related to which topic you are making your blog. Now click on Next.
How to make money online for beginners, How to make money online for free, How to earn money online with Google
Choose a name for your blog

Step: -5. As soon as you click on Next, you will be asked to choose a URL for your blog. Enter the url according to the name of the blog. Which will create with subdomain. Such as: - "Address" is in a way the url of your blog. What you will write in the address will be the url of your blog and when opening your blog in a blower the same url will appear. Now click on Save. Congratulations. Your new blog has been created. But still your work is not finished. Some settings are yet to be done.
How can I make $100 a day, How can I make an extra $1000 a month, How can I make $1000 a month online
Choose a URL for your blog

After creating free blogspot blog, you will come to the dashboard of BlogSpot.

You can choose any Theme/Template in the "Theme" for your blog by clicking on Theme. You can later change your Template anytime and upload any other Template as per your requirement. Where to download Best Blogger Theme and how to upload a template to Blogger?

Basic settings of Blogspot Blog

After creating free blogspot blog, you must do this setting for blog SEO.


Now click on Setting Option. In setting option

#Title: - Tittle of the blog you have already written. If you want to change then you can change from here

#Description: - Here you write something about your blog.

#Blog language: - Select the language of your blog. Such as: - English (United Kingdom)

#Adult content: - If you are making your blog for adult content i.e. 18+, then enable this option. If you are not making it for adult content then do not enable it.

#Google Analytics property ID: - Enter your Google Analytics ID in it so that you can track your blog. How to add your blog to Google Analytics?


#Comment location: - Embedded
#Who can comment? : -
(i) Anyone (including anonymous) means anyone can comment.
(ii) Users with Google Accounts mean only login user from gmail can comment
(iii) Only members of this blog means that only those whom you have made members can comment.

If you have created a public blog, then I recommend to keep "anyone (including anonymous)".

#Comment moderation: - Always keep it so that it is not spam commented. The advantage of choosing this option is that only the comments that you will approve were seen in public.


Time zone, Date header format, Archive index date formate, Timestamp format, Comment timestamp format
Set this option according to your time zone.

Meta tags

Enable by adding keywords related to the topic of your blog in Meta Tag Description. Keep in mind that only 150 characters can be written in it.

Crawlers and indexing
How to set Crawlers and indexing setting? Click here to read full information. This Setting is very important for SEO.

The setting of the required Basic was done. Now how to write a post in blogger? And how to make a page in Blogger? To Read click here.

Before writing your first blog post, you should go to the dashboard of your blogspot and click on Pages. Go to "Pages" and create the necessary pages of your blog, like- About us, Contact us, Privacy Policy etc.

How to make money online for beginners - How to make money online for free - How to earn money online with Google - How can I make $1000 a month online?

How to write a blogger article
Now to write a post on your new blog, you can start writing your first blog post by clicking on Posts> New post.

Friends, I hope that you have learned How to Create a free Website on BlogSpot? How to create a blog for free and make money? How can I make an extra $1000 a month?. If you have any question, then you can comment below. Tell us how you felt by commenting below and share it with your friends on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp. Thank you.
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Railway Job Sarkari - 2020 Railway Start CBT For Notified 1.40 Lakh Government Vacancy Latest News

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railway job d group, government job of bihar
Railway Vacancy - 2020
Ministry of Railways Indian Railways to start Computer Based Test for notified vacancies from 15th December 2020

Railway Job Sarkari - 2020 Government vacancy latest News

Delhi (05 Sep, 2020) | Indian Railways is going to start computer based tests for notified vacancies from 15th December 2020.

Indian Railways had notified 3 types of vacancies. These were 35208 for NTPC (non technical popular categories like guards, office clerks, commercial clerks etc), 1663 for Isolated & Ministerial categories (Steno & Teaches etc) and 103769 for Level 1 vacancies (track maintainers, pointsman etc). In all RRBS had notified a total of 1.40 lakh such vacancies for NTPC categories, Level-1 Posts and isolated and miscellaneous categories. Against the above vacancies, RRBS had received more than 2.40 crore applications. The Computer Based Test (CBT) for above vacancies had to be deferred due to Covid-19 pandemic and resultant lockdown which was imposed throughout country.

Scrutiny of the applications had been completed but the process of further examination had got delayed due to covid related restrictions.

Railway Vacancy For Sarkari Naukri - 2020 Sarkari Naukri Search 2020
sarkari naukri with 12th pass, sarkari naukri 12th pass
Piyush Goyal (MRI) Twitt

RRBS of Railways are committed to hold the CBT for all the notified vacancies and have been actively assessing the ground situation imposed due to pandemic. Now that experience of conduct examination for the JEE for IITS and NEET is there, it was felt that Railways too can start the process which had to be stopped due to Covid pandemic.

SOPS for conduct of examination of this magnitude are being framed. Norms of social distancing and other protocols prescribed by the various Central and State authorities need to be followed which are essential in the interest of safety of candidates.

Railway now proposes to commence 1st stage online computer based tests from 15 December, 2020 and necessary action has been initiated in this regard.

Source PIBDownload Pdf
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How To Create a Gmail Account - 2021 Step By Step Guide

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Create a Gmail Account - 2021

Create a New Gmail Account By Mobile Number

Gmail is an extremely popular email service provided by Google. To create a Gmail account, you actually have to sign up for a Google account. This Account will give you access to Google Suite.

Follow theses steps to create a Gmail account:

Step 1. Go to Google Account Creation Page.
Step 2. Enter your First and Last names.

Step 3. Choose a Username for your account. If you prefer to use an existing Email Address, select that I prefer to use my Current email address option under the username. Keep in mind that the username you choose will be what other people see if you choose to use other Google services such as YouTube or Google Docs.

Step 4. Enter Password and Confirm the password to be correct. Choose a strong password to protect your account. It is recommended that you use alternate characters and uppercase and a combination of lowercase letters and Number. Such as: - Yspni&739146

Step 5. Now click on the Next button and Enter your mobile number.

If your country is not correct, select the flag in the left corner of this field to choose the right country.

Type your current email address in the given field for Recovery Passwoard. This is optional.

Step 6. Enter the Day, Month and Year of Your date of birth in the specified fields.

Step 7. Choose your Gender option. You have to make a choice here. If you do not want to be identified by your gender, you can choose the Rather not say option.

Step 8. Now click on the Next button. Select your preferred Contact Method. You will get a Verification Code through text message or phone call. Verify it by adding it.

If ask, Choose your location from the drop-down menu.

Step 9. Click on the Next Step button. Google provides its terms of service. To create your account you must agree to the terms. Now click on Continue.

Congratulations! Your Gmail account is ready for use.
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What Is SEO? A Powerful Step by Step Guide for Beginners

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How does SEO work, What is search engine, How the search engine works, On page Seo
What is SEO

What Is SEO? Step by Step Guide for Beginners - 2021

What is SEO? If you want to learn SEO for your blog/website, then you are reading the right blog because full information is available in this article like what is SEO? How to SEO your blog/ website. You will learn to SEO your blog 100% here. Therefore, read the entire article at the end. If you do not want to read the entire article, leave this page now because half the incomplete information can be harmful for your blog. So read the entire article till the end: -

Lets start the next story?

Friends, as you know there are millions of Arbo websites on the Internet. How to find the things you need from them

Understand by example: - Suppose you have to buy a Best DSLR camera for Video to make a video on YouTube. So what do you do? Now you can not find one by one in crores of website. In such a situation, we take the help of search engines like - Google and Search "Best DSLR camera for Video", then you get to see your result.

Next, in this article we will know What is search engines? And How do search engines work? Let us first understand what SEO is?

What is SEO?

The fullform of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a process by which any blog / website is brought to the top of the search engine. By using SEO technique, more and more traffic can be brought to any blog/website.

Understand from the example:- Suppose you search a keyword in Google like - Best DSLR camera for Video, then its result which will come on the first page, then you can say that SEO of this blog / website has been very good. By using this technique you also have to bring more and more traffic to your blog/website.

How does SEO work?

When you search a keyword in Google or poached search engine, then the search first appears on the first page of popular blog / website.

Understand by example:- Suppose you have to buy a good Best DSLR camera for Video online to make videos on YouTube, then you will search in Google Best DSLR camera for Video, now Google knows that it is said to be keyword. Such keywords can be in the thousands of millions on Google. Now we cannot show everyone at the same time, so firstly Google will find popular blog / website which is more reliable. After that the result will be shown in front of you. SEO is not a human, it only works on the rules of its algorithm.

Later in this article, we will know what are the keywords? And how do keywords work? First, we understand what search engines are. And how do search engines work?

What is search engine?

What are search engines? We try to understand in easy language. Search means "To Discover" and Engine Means "Machine" or Search Engine Means "Searching Machine" If the machine is spoken in the language of computer technology then "Program Or Tools". In other words, a search engine is a software program or script that makes it easy to reach the user's searched keywords (the words they want to find about). For this, you will need a web browser on your computer, laptop, mobile, tablet. Google, Bing, Index, Yahoo, etc. are popular search engines.

The search engine collects millions of website data. Meaning that all the people who make a blog / website have to submit their blog / website to the search engine. For example, the submission of a blog / website to Google has made Google search console.

How the search engine works

Friends, any search engine works in three steps.
(i) Crawling
(ii) Indexing
(iii) Ranking

Most people in the world use Google Search Engine, so here we will talk about Google's Search Engine -

Step:-1. Crawling

All the blogs / websites presented in the Google search console for Google search engine are crawl or reviewed by artificial robots.

Step:-2. Indexing

Now all the blogs / websites that have been crawled by Artificial Robots index their servers.

Step:-3. Ranking

Now the next task is for those robots. If a user searches a keyword in the google search box, then the most popular and trusted web page from the indexed blog / website is seen in the search engine result page (SERP) based on authority. The process is called Ranking.

By the way, for the ranking of blog / website in Google, 200 factors have been ensured, but what is very important, we will discuss below.

Friends, by now we have fully understood what is search engine? How do search engines work? At the same time, we have also understood what is SEO ? And how does SEO work?

Now let us try to understand further how you can rank your blog / website in Google search engine at the top. To bring the blog to the top in Google search engine, we first need to know about the types of SEO.

What are the types of SEO?

There are mainly three types of SEO -
1. On page SEO
2. Off page SEO
3. Technical SEO.

Friends, let us understand one by one what is On page SEO? How does On page Seo work? What is Off page SEO? How does Off page Seo work? What is Technical SEO? How does Technical Seo work?

1. What is On page SEO?

Friends, when we optimize our blog / website and every post of the blog according to Google's search engine, this process is called On Page SEO.

In On -page SEO we optimize the content, design, linking structure, speed of our blog / website to rank your blog / website posts on top of Google's search engine.

To improve the On Pagr SEO of your blog / website, what are those factors in On Page SEO? Read carefully below or else all the mess can happen.

#1 – Keyword Research
Keyword Research is the most important factor to improve Friends On Page SEO. What is Keyword Search? Before knowing how to do Keyword Search, know what is Keyword?

Before writing a post on any topic for our blog, we should know what people search for by writing this topic in search engine google. Such as: - What do you think are blogs? If you want information about how to create a blog, then you will search in Google What is blog? Or How to create a blog? These words are called Keyword which is searched in google search box. And who wants to know about this topic i.e. What is blog? Or How to create a blog? Finding out how much is the demand for Keyword is called Keyword Research. From Keyword Research, we get to know that the topic on which we are writing a post, when my post will rank in Google, then how much traffic are coming.

Below are some tools to do Keyword Research that you can take help

Free keyword Research Tool
Google keyword planner
Paid keyword Research Tool
Keyword Everywhere

Friends, you have understood about what is keywords and how to do keyword research, now the next step is

#2 - Use of keyword in Title, Meta or Url
As I have already mentioned above, Google reviews your blog with an artificial robot, and Google's robots look at the post's Tittle, Meta Description and URL. With which he tries to know on which topic your post has been written. All three appear on Google's Result Page. Therefore, use your Main Keyword in all three places so that Google's robots can easily understand.

Make the post's Tittle attractive so that visitors click on your title as much as possible. This also increases your CTR

What is CRT? Coming Soon........

Use maximum 65 words in post title because after 65 Words Tittle Tag is not visible in Google search engine.

#3 - Heading (H1, H2), Use of Keyword in Paragraphs
Tittle default of a post in a blog / website is H1 Heading. In which you have to use Keyword as well as use Keyword in H2 Heading as well. Keyword is to be used in the first paragraph and last paragraph as well.

#4 - Keyword Density
The total number of keywords used in a post / article is called keyword density. Keyword density also contributes significantly to rank posts in Google. Do not force Keyword without meaning, otherwise Google will not rank your post. Therefore, use only the necessary keywords. Use Keyword up to 2% of all words in your post / article.

While writing a post, keep in mind that do not use the same keywords again and again. Use the related Keyword of your Main Keyword as well because people search the same question in different ways in Google search engine. Therefore, along with the Main Keyword, use the related Keyword anywhere. Also, definitely use the LSI keyword.

What is LSI keyword? How do I get my LSI keywords?

#5 - Internal and Outbound Linking

  1. Internal Linking: Linking any other post of your own blog / website with a link is called Internal Linking. Adding internal linking does not require your visitors to go anywhere. Multiple posts can be read from a single post. This helps to rank other posts of your blog too and Google also likes such posts. So while writing the post, also add a link to the post related to that post.
  2. Outbound Linking:- In addition to your blog, adding links to other blog posts is called Outbound Linking. This gives the visitor great information on your blog.

Before giving outbound linking to another blog, check DA, PA, and Spam Score of that blog / website first, otherwise your blog can be negatively affected.

What is DA PA? How do DA PA check? What is Spam Score and how to check Spam Score?

#6 - Image Optimize
Use the image in every post in your blog post. This will help your visitors to understand about the post and the image will also bring traffic to the blog.

Use the image by reducing the resolution and size so that the loading speed of your website / blog does not have much impact. Blog loading speed is reduced when resolution and size are high, causing visitors to leave the blog and run away. Which is a negative point for the blog.
My Recommend Images Resolution Ratio 320 × 180 or 480 × 270 and Size approx 20 kb or> 50 kb

Always rename the image and put the Main Keyword or related keyword there too, and use the keyword in Alt Text even when uploading in the post.

# 7 - Quality Content
Friends can get the same success in online blogging with the power of post / article. Therefore, before writing a post for your blog, do a thorough research about that topic so that the visitor gets complete information. Use easy language/words in the article so that the visitor has no problem in understanding.

2. What is Off Page SEO?

When we promote our website from outside website it is called Off Page SEO. This increases DA (Domain Authority). Increasing DA helps rank in Google.

On Page SEO optimizes the article and design inside the blog, but Off Page Seo adds the link of the blog to another website as well as shares it on social media.

Add the domain or link of your blog / website to your own blog.

Before adding your blog's domain or link to another website in Off Page SEO, DA PA must be checked.

When you add a link to your website on someone's website, you get two types of links, one is Do-follow and the other is No-follow.

Do-follow means that website recommends your blog to rank in Google. That's why Google's robot will put your blog up in the search rankings.

No-follow means that the website does not recommend your blog to be ranked in Google. That's why Google's robots ignore your blog.

Linking your website to another website is technically called backlink.

#Guest post:-
Search for popular blogs in Google related to your blog, which accept guest posts. You have to write a nice article and send it to them. They will review your article and publish your post on their blog and will also give you a blacklink on their blog.

#Blog Commenting:-
To bring traffic to your blog and make a blacklink, make a good comment on any other big blog related to your blog and add links to your blog there. But most of these are nofollow blacklinks. But you do not have to worry about not making 100% dofollow blacklinks. 20% you also have to make nogollow blacklinks. So that the dofollow and nofollow backlinks remain in balance. This is what Google also says.

#Web Forum:-
Friends, there are many websites where questions are asked and answers are given. There is a lot of discussion between people. You can also join the web forum related to your blog and add links to your blog there. Do not just add a link to your blog and post there, but make communication with people there, ask questions to people and also answer their questions. Doing this will also provide traffic with more possible Dofollow backlinks.

#Competitor Analysis
Friends are another great way to create backlinks. Search blogs related to your topic in Google and check their backlinks. Then you too try to create a backlink like that blogger.

Using Ahref, SEO REVIEW TOOLS etc Backlinks can be checked.

#Social Me:-
Friends, as you know - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and linkedin are so many popular social media platforms. Here people visit in crores daily. You will also have to create pages related to your blog on all these platforms and share links to your posts. By doing this your blog traffic can increase significantly. At the same time, Google also sees how popular your blog is on social media. Popular blogs help a lot in ranking in Google.

How to write a post article?

3. Technical SEO

Friends, as is clear from the name itself, the blog is optimized keeping technical points in mind in Technical SEO.
• Blog Loading Speed
• Blog Security

#Blog Security

Friends, if you talk about blog security, it is possible that someone can copy your article or someone can hack your website or comment spam because it is being seen in the growing online business. So we have to be alert beforehand. For this you can use "cache plugins" on wordpress.

#Loading Speed

Another important factor to rank in Google is how long the links in your blog's domain or blog post open. Hence the loading speed of your blog has to be fast. If your blog opens in 3 to 5 seconds then it is very good. For this, use Image Compress in your blog and do not use a theme with more complex code. Remove useless content and data from your blog.

Friends, as I have already mentioned, blogs submitted in Google search console are crawling by Google's artificial robots and then indexed and uploaded to Google's servers. Later appears in search result page. As a result, traffic comes to your blog. But now you have to keep checking whether your blog has been submitted to Google or not, whether Google is always indexing your post or not. So, from time to time, keep opening your account in google search console and analyze the data.

Why SEO is Important?

Friends, we have yet to understand what are SEO and what are the types of SEO.

Let us now know why SEO is important.

#1 - Free Organic Traffic
As we all know, search engines like - Google are used almost all over the world to find answers to any question or to get information about a subject. The topic on which your blog is made or the topic on which you have written the post, or the related keywords are searched in Google. By which your post will also come up in the search result and visitors will click on it to reach your blog. With which you will get traffic for free.

#2 - Targeted Traffic
When a visitor comes to your blog from Google search and gets accurate answers / information, then that visitor gets attracted towards your blog and starts visiting your blog for information directly by opening your blog domain. By which he becomes your permanent visitor. Apart from this, one does not have to spend any separate money to promote your blog.

SEO Techniques

There are two techniques for doing SEO
1 – White Hat SEO
2 – Black Hat SEO

White Hat SEO: According to Google's guideline, optimizing the post article of your blog is called White SEO.

Black Hat SEO: When dodging Google's guideline and ranking your blog post as SEO, it is called Black Hat Seo. Some people wrongly make blacklinks in it. Adding more keywords than content is also included in this. Your blog may rank for some time but Google will catch your cunning and the blog can have a bad effect. Even your blog can be penelized by Google.

What is the difference between SEO and SEM?
Many times people are confused in these two words, what is the main difference between SEO and SEM? So let's understand.

As I mentioned above SEO means "Search Engine Optimization". Through this, you can optimize your blog and blog posts and bring traffic for free. It does not need to spend money.

#SEM stands for "Search Engine Marketing". In this, to promote your blog, you have to run ad comapaign related to your blog on Google. Google has created a Google ads platform for ad compaign. Where you can promote your blog by giving money.

How to write SEO friendly blog posts?

Last Word
Friends, I hope after reading the entire article, you must have fully understood what is SEO? How does SEO work? And you will also have got all the information related to SEO. Please comment below and give your response.

If you have any question related to our post or blog, then do comment below. Subscribe to our email newsletter and like Facebook page for tips and tricks to earn money sitting at home online from blogging and internet. Thank you
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How To Start A Blog - Step By Step Guide for Beginners

By Admin
Start A Blog Step By Step Guide for Beginners, How to earn money online in usa,
Start A Blog

How To Start A Blog - Step By Step Guide for Beginners

Hello friends, Do you really want to learn blogging? If yes, then read the entire article carefully because in this article "How do you start a blog for free?, How to create a blog?, How to earn money from a blog? How do I make an extra $1000 a month?" is going to be available. If you do not want to learn blogging and do not want to read the entire article, then close this page right now because half the incomplete information is of no use. If you want complete information, then read the entire article.

Friends, you should do such a thing in your life that you will be able to support even in old age and that support will become blogging, because blogging is such a work that planting trees today will continue to bear fruit till old age. If blogging is done properly and successful, then no other job will be required. You can earn as much money a month as an ordinary man earns in a full year. If you talk about success, work done with hard work and dedication always touches the top of success.

How much time do I have to spend blogging? How to make money online for beginners?
You can do blogging both as part time and full time. There are many people who do other jobs or studies or any other work and blogging in part time and there are some people who do full time blogging and earn lakhs of rupees today, then there is no need to do other work.

What are the things required to earn money online from a blog?

If you really want to earn money online by blogging, then you need these things very much.
  1. Smartphone / Laptop / Computer
  2. Good internet connection
  3. And the most important of these two is that you should be patient because it is not like that you started blogging today and tomorrow it will start raining millions/crores of rupees. Like never in a dream. To earn millions / crores of rupees one must first have patience and perseverance.
You must create a blog to do blogging. Which in this article, I will tell you how to make a blog. Before this, know what is blogging? What is blog? Who is a blogger? What are the types of blogging?

(i) What is a blog and how does it work?

Friends, blogs are online platforms where your thoughts/opinions/experiences/information/knowledge are presented/ expressed/shared in writing to another person or the world. Like I am sharing my information with you and the world on my blog. When you go to search engine Google, Bing, Yahoo or any other search engine, do some search like- you must have searched "What is blogging, or how to create a blog? Or how to earn money by creating a blog or online money from internet How to earn? The website that you get in the result below is called a blog. Like my blog you are reading on. If you understand, the blog is a website in a way in which information / information posts are constantly posted.

Friends, in this article, I will tell you how you can earn a lot of money by blogging - as if the whole world is earning.

Let's first know who is a blogger and what is blogging?

(ii) Who is a blogger?

A blogger is a person who writes a blog and posts it on their blog. Like I always post here writing heavy information post. Meaning I'm a blogger. To be a good blogger, you should have complete knowledge in your field, then you can definitely earn millions by becoming a good blogger.

(iii) What is blogging?

By reading the above article, you have got complete information about what a blog is. When you write your information in your blog and post it continuously, that work is called blogging.

Like- I constantly upload posts on my blog / website with fresh new information. Meaning that I do blogging.


You do not need any coding to do blogging. In this article, I am going to tell you all the information in easy words. So you do not have to worry about any kind of coding.

What are the types of blogging?

By the way, there are many types of blogging but mainly there are two types of blogging.
  1. Permanent blogging
  2. Event blogging

1. Permanent blogging

  • It takes a lot of hard work. A lot of content and articles have to be inserted.
  • It takes a lot of waiting.
  • But once such a block is created, then there is no problem.
  • This type of website gives lifetime income.
  • People usually use this blogging style more to earn money.
Like - see my blog where you are reading this article.

2. Event blogging

  • This type of blogging style is done for a few days.
  • Content and articles have to be put less and more work has to be done to spread it to the people.
  • Money is usually earned in this short time.
  • If it does not work, then the money is sunk.
  • A lot of experience is required to make it
You should already have a community of people following you

So that as soon as you share something with them, it goes viral overnight.

Such as: - Wishing blog created for Independence Day, on opening, people will get greetings of Independence Day and will also see advertisement as well. The person who creates a blog earns from this advertisement.

There are two types of Permanent blogging

  1. Personal or Hobby Blogging
  2. Professional Blogging
(i) Personal Blogging: Personal or Hobby blogging involves sharing your personal thoughts, articles, experiences, poetry or story online with others. The purpose of which is not to earn money. But money can also be earned from personal or Hobby blogging.

(ii) Professional Blogging: The purpose of professional blogging is to earn money, so that the family can run at home. It is a kind of business.

Now go ahead and know how to make money from professional blogging. Or say how to make money from blogging?

The money you earn from the advertisement you see in a blog or website or any other advertisement of Google Adsense. If visitors to your blog are coming from outside India from India, then you will earn 10-20 times more. There are many other ways to make it easy for bloggers to earn a lot of money. like:-
  • Advertising
  • Content subscriptions
  • Membership websites
  • Affiliate links
  • Donations
  • Ebooks
  • Online courses
  • Coaching or consulting
In all of the above mentioned ways, bloggers earn big amount of money.

You can also send visits to your YouTube channel using your blog, this will also increase your earnings on YouTube.

When the money starts coming, you can make your blog and YouTube or any other Android app and download it with the logo and it will start earning more.

How to start blogging? How do you start a blog for free?

Friends, to start blogging, the topic on which the blog is, will have to be expert. There should be an art of writing your knowledge in the best way in front of the world. I will tell you that method and art further. Through which you can rank your blog in Google and make your article accessible to the people.


Friends, two things are required to start a blog.
  1. First domain / domain name or subdomain
  2. Second hosting

What is a domain?

Domain means your blog name. Such as: - The example it contains is the domain or domain name. A domain is an address, only with the help of this address people will be able to recognize your blog / website and can see your blog / website. Domain names have to be purchased from a company. You can make subdomains for free, so you do not need to buy anything. Such as: - It depends on you which one you want. If you want to create your identity online then you should take a domain name of your own.

What is hosting?

Hosting is the platform where your data is stored. Meaning that when you upload any article or images to your blog, all of that is stored in the hosting. Hosting is also available for free and you can buy money from any company.

You are not free in free hosting. It has to run according to the hosting provider, whereas in hosting with money you are free. You can do whatever you want on your blog.

If you want to learn blogging then start in free subdomains and free hosting and when you learn you can buy a domain and hosting by paying money. For Best Hosting Site On Lowest Price Click Here.

If you have learned a little bit of blogging then there is no need to waste your time. Do this by purchasing a domain name and hosting. It would be better.

How to start blogging for free?

Friends, there are many platforms for blogging for free. But I think the best platforms are Which are quite easy and convenient. On this platform, you can easily blogging from mobile and also earn money.

1. You can start a blog for free by visiting This platform is the most famous worldwide. Blogs can be made with subdomains here very easily. You can also add a custom domain to it if you want. It can be started in a few minutes. When your blog starts getting liked by people, you can earn money by applying Google Adsense code.

How to make a blog for free on Read full information in hindi

2. You can create a blog for free on too. Here too, you can easily create a blog like But here you can not make money with Google Adsense. Therefore the platform is used a little less here.


How to write a good blog?

Friends, how would people like your blog more? When your blog has correct and accurate information. The handwriting will be neat and clear. People dislike being overcrowded. Kachara means adulteration of many languages ​​and what you want to tell your visitors is unclear. So to write a good blog you have to take care of a few things. Given below are some important points to read carefully: -

1. You can write your blog in any language. But one thing always needs to be kept in mind that the article you wrote should be in the same language. Only then will people like your blog more and Google will also help it to rank up. Meaning you do blogging in any language but in one language.

2. After creating a blog, you have to post at least one post daily. Those who have trouble writing posts every day will have to keep posting after three to four days. Means to be active on the blog. It is not that one uploaded ten posts and slept for three months. Then three months later uploaded ten posts and fell asleep again. Never do like this.

Keeping regular posts updated will help your blog rank in the search engines.

3. You must post posts related to the topic on your blog. Suppose your blog is on technology, then you should not write about the bird on it. Write only about technology.

4. If you want to rank your blog in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. then you will have to learn to seo your blog on page and off page. If you do not seo your blog on page and off page then your blog will never rank in search engine. If you do not know how to seo on page and off page then there is nothing to worry. Click on the link below to learn.

What are On Page and Off Page Seo? Learn in easy language

5. Along with the article post in your blog, also use photos and videos. Photos and videos will make your blog look beautiful and visitors are also interested in reading it. At the same time, B ranking increases in Google.

6. Keyword research is also very important to earn money by ranking your blog in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. If you do not know how to do keyword research, then learn by clicking on the link below.

How to do Keyword Research? Learn in easy language

Some other information to always remember

1. Never copy paste from someone else's blog to put a post on your blog. Google will understand your intelligence easily and your blog will never rank in Google. When you do not rank, people will not reach. Earning results will be nothing.

2. Understand your purpose before starting blogging. Ask yourself three questions: -
  • Why are you doing it?
  • For whom are you writing?
  • Will it benefit anyone who comes to read it?
If you get answers to all the questions then start blogging.

Friends, as you know: - There is nothing difficult in the world and nothing is easy. Who has the feeling of doing something in their mind. He makes even the most difficult tasks easy. If you also have passion, courage and patience then you will definitely get success in blogging one day.

Friends, this article may have inspired you to learn a little bit, so do share it and comment below and give us your feedback. Thank you
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